Sasquatch Sightings: Eyewitness Encounters with Unknown Species | ST 035

Sasquatch sightings

In this episode of Sasquatch Tracks, after the team goes over recent news related to the study of relict hominoids, we shift our attention over to reports from our listeners, which includes several possible Sasquatch sightings and intriguing accounts. Could these involve observations of an unrecognized species of primate in North America?

Beginning with emails covering a range of observations about nature, the podcast, and general “Sasquatchery” from our listenership, we then shift our attention over to firsthand reports that may involve observations of relict hominoids submitted to Sasquatch Tracks by our listenership. Is it possible that there may be undiscovered species that remain hidden in our modern world, and that Sasquatch sightings reports like these could provide anecdotal evidence in support of this reality?

Stories and other links discussed in this episode: 

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