Return to Ape Canyon: Rediscovery of the Vanderwhite Mine | ST 051

Ape Canyon

During the summer of 1924, a team of gold seekers alleged that they were attacked by giant, ape-like creatures, measuring about 7 feet tall, who hurled boulders at them. Their story recounts an encounter with these beings in a remote area, where a member of their group shot at one of the creatures, hitting it thrice, resulting in it falling off a cliff into an unreachable canyon. Allegedly, these ape-like entities retaliated later by pelting their cabin with sizable rocks and leaving behind enormous footprints, in a series of events now remembered as the Ape Canyon incident.

The story of the Ape Canyon incident remains  one of the most well known stories in the history of Sasquatch studies, as well as one of its most controversial… but now, additional evidence may help corroborate it. Joining us in this episode is a return guest, researcher Marc Myrsell, along with Braden and Jared  Mitchell, two of the descendants of one of the miners who lived through the incredible experience on Mt. Saint Helens in 1924 who also managed to rediscover the long-lost Vanderwhite mine their ancestor and his friends had been mining when the incident occurred.

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  1. Thanks again for having us on! You guys are great company and I appreciate you helping us tell this story.

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