Matt Pruitt: The Phenomenal Sasquatch, Part Two | ST 050

The Phenomenal Sasquatch

In this second part in a special two-part installment of Sasquatch Tracks, veteran researcher Matt Pruitt returns to the podcast to discuss his new book The Phenomenal Sasquatch: Seeking the Natural Origins of a Cultural Icon, a tour-de-force of intellectual exploration in the study of the relict hominoid mystery,

In the new book, Pruitt explores the possibility that sasquatches are simply large, rare primates, and delves into the psychological factors that may be at play during people’s encounters with these creatures. Alternatively, he considers the hypothesis that the sasquatch is merely a construct of the human mind that exists only in stories and art. In this thought-provoking work, Pruitt presents a balanced and rigorous analysis, providing readers with an in-depth look into the search for the natural origins of this cultural icon.

Along with his own written works and other contributions, Matt is the producer and editor of the podcast Bigfoot & Beyond with Cliff and Bobo. For more detailed information about previous research, affiliations, public outreach, and production work, visit the links below where you can find his new book on, and visit his personal website.

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