John Hickenbottom: Sasquatch at Salt Fork State Park | ST 053

John Hickenbottom

In this installment of Sasquatch Tracks, the after opening news that focuses on tales of “swamp beasts” in rural America and also massive reptiles invading the Florida Everglades, the team is joined by John Hickenbottom, the naturalist at Ohio’s Salt Fork State Park.

A longtime outdoorsman whose interest in wildlife includes snakes and reptiles indigenous to his home state, as well as Ohio’s archaeology and much more, Hickenbottom has worked professionally as a park naturalist for many years. John was born in southeast Ohio, where he also has heard several personal accounts of alleged sightings of Sasquatch in the Buckeye State, as well as having studied the early history of such reports in the region.

John joins the Sasquatch Tracks team to discuss his own interest in the topic and his efforts in educating the public, as well as the unique story of how he came to know the team resulting from a Public Records Act Request his department received one day a few years ago.

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