Daniel Perez: Bigfoot Times, Bluff Creek, and Beyond | ST 028

Daniel Perez

In this very special installment of Sasquatch Tracks, the team is proud to welcome longtime researcher Daniel Perez to the program, a historian and chronicler of the Sasquatch subject and editor/publisher of the legendary newsletter Bigfoot Times

According to Perez, The Bigfoot Times is “where you go when you need to know!” when it comes to the subject of Bigfoot. As of January 2022, Bigfoot Times  has celebrated an incredible 24 years of continuous publishing, which Perez points out that “Few — if anyone — can make that claim.” In an era where the majority (if not virtually all) publications dealing with the Sasquatch subject are found exclusively online, Perez’s lasting contributions with Bigfoot Times have long remained a cornerstone for innovative discourse on the Sasquatch mystery.

Our conversation with Daniel Perez covers everything from the early beginnings of The Bigfoot Times (which you can subscribe to online here), to his in-depth research into one of the most famous and controversial films of all time: the Patterson/Gimlin film of 1967, which purportedly depicts a large, female Sasquatch at Bluff Creek, California.

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