Sasquatch and Citizen Science | ST 001

Citizen Science

On this inaugural edition of Sasquatch Tracks, we introduce the team (you can read more about us here) as we sit down to talk about who we are, what we aim to do with Sasquatch Tracks, and the role of “citizen scientists” in the study of nature and unidentified species. We are then joined by phone for an interview with naturalist David George Gordon, author of The Sasquatch Seeker’s Field Manual, to talk about applying science and field research methods to the search for America’s favorite relict hominoid.

Gordon is the award-winning author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook, The Sasquatch Seeker’s Field Manual, and 18 other titles. He is also The Bug Chef, having brought his exotic cuisine before groups that include the Explorers Club, The Smithsonian, Microsoft, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museums in Hollywood and Times Square and appeared on Conan O’Brien, James Corden and The View. Gordon lives in Seattle.

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