Paul Bowman: Archaeology in the Search for Relict Hominoids | ST 033

Paul Bowman

On this episode of Sasquatch Tracks, archaeologist Paul Bowman joins us for a discussion about anthropological perspectives applied toward the search for relict hominoids, as well as his interest in the Almasty of the Caucasus and other Asian varieties of mystery primates.

Paul Bowman is a member of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy (NAWAC) and an experienced field archaeologist with expertise in the oil and gas industry and in telecommunications and tribal consultation. Paul’s specialty is in faunal analysis and zooarchaeology, but when it comes to the search for relict hominoids, his fascination particularly lies with the study of the mysterious Almas of Caucasian folklore, which are said to reside in the Pamir Mountains of Central Asia, as well as the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia.

Paul joins us to discuss his efforts with the NAWAC organization in recent months, as well as his personal interests and passions as an archaeologist looking at the Sasquatch subject in this installment of Sasquatch Tracks.

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