Charlie Raymond: Bigfoot in the Bluegrass State | ST 030

Charlie Raymond

On this edition of Sasquatch Tracks, we are joined by Kentucky researcher Charlie Raymond for a discussion of his ongoing Bigfoot research in the Bluegrass State, and many decades of studies into the possible existence of relict hominoids.

Charlie founded the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization in 1997, in an effort to document all credible Bigfoot encounters in the state of Kentucky. For over three decades he has interviewed witnesses, conducted investigations, and held expeditions in the hopes of one day proving the existence of the creatures. He believes Bigfoot to be a “flesh and blood” unidentified hominin, very closely related to humans. One day he hopes to establish laws in Kentucky to protect these magnificent creatures. Charlie Raymond is also a BFRO Investigator for the state of Kentucky, and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida, and can be found online at his website,

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  1. Thanks to Cryptidcon in Lexington, KY, I was turned on to your podcast. So far I have been going back through the archives and listening and really love the content. I do have one question for you though, where is the best place to get news articles that is relatable to your content?

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