Jeff Meldrum: The Science of Sasquatch, Part Two | ST 004

Jeff Meldrum

On this episode of Sasquatch Tracks, we continue our discussion with Idaho State University professor of Anatomy and Anthropology Jeff Meldrum, Ph.D., as he answers more of our questions about the scientific study of Sasquatch.

Picking up where we left off with Dr. Meldrum on the last installment of the podcast, we get his ideas and opinions on the anatomy of Sasquatch, and what the creature would subsist on in remote areas like the Pacific Northwest. We also look at why the creatures are purported to be so large, and what unusual characteristics they might possess that make them both similar to, and in many ways different from humans.

Then after concluding our discussion with Dr. Meldrum, the Sasquatch Tracks team goes over some of our big takeaways from this discussion, along with additional commentary on how science can be applied to the study of America’s Great Ape.

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