Scott Tompkins: The Bigfoot Mapping Project | ST 048

Bigfoot Mapping Project

In this installment of Sasquatch Tracks, we are joined by Scott Tompkins, the creator of The Bigfoot Mapping Project, for an in-depth discussion about his mapping, data collection, and analysis of Sasquatch sightings.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in GIS from the State University of New York at Cortland. With more than 14 years of GIS field experience, Scott has a well-versed perspective on the value of high-quality geographic data, which he has applied to his ambitious Sasquatch research embodied in his current mapping project.

According to Tompkins, The Bigfoot Mapping Project was created “to address the lack of centralized information and encourage future reporting. This application broadens the scope of reported information by providing functionality such as spatially tagging reports as well as attaching image files to the submitted report. Additionally, users can view the depth of both historical data and recent reports in conjunction, on a map.”

The team discusses all of these aspects of Scott’s research, and how it may be applied toward resolving the mystery of relict hominoids in this installment of Sasquatch Tracks. 

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  1. Loved the show and was excited to check out the bigfoot mapping app but it’s made for an older android version and I can’t install it. If you could pass that info on to Scott that would be great. Hopefully he can update in the near future. Thanks for the great podcast and great info. I’ve listened to all of Sasquatch Tracks and am starting on your other shows. 🙂

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