Buck Buckingham: Australian Yowies Caught on Film | ST 042

Australian Yowies

In this installment of Sasquatch Tracks, the team is joined by Australian researcher Buck Buckingham, who shares his knowledge about Australian Yowies, the purported relict hominoid that occupies the remote wilds of the Land Down Under.

Buckingham is a member of the group Australian Yowie Research, and has been hooked on Yowie studies ever since he came across Dean Harrison’s website in 2005.  It answered many questions about his own sightings and encounters when he was 15. Buck had been manning the thermal cameras one night while accompanying Harrison and several other members in Springbrook National Park when they captured images of what appear to be a very large, humanlike animal.

Buckingham shares the story of how he captured this remarkable footage, and how the ongoing study of Australian Yowies is helping to expand our knowledge of the dispersion of purported relict hominoids all around the globe.

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