Living with Sasquatch: Jason Sakrisson and Charles Lamica | ST 019

Living with Sasquatch

On this episode of Sasquatch Tracks, Jeff and Smoky lead off with an update about their recent investigations in a state park with a history of purported Sasquatch activity, and Micah reports on a number of items currently in the news, which includes a nighttime sighting by an Ohio woman who says she saw such a creature.

We are then joined by researchers Jason Sakrisson and Charles Lamica, who share their field research and interests in the topic of Sasquatch studies, in addition to their collaboration on a new long-term field study called “Living with Sasquatch” that they two, along with other researchers, are undertaking this summer. Jason and Charles share with us what they hope to achieve with the project, and how citizen science like this may help to improve our understanding of the broader Sasquatch mystery.

Stories and other links discussed in this episode: 

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