Shelly Covington Montana: Citizen Scientist | ST 010

On this edition of Sasquatch Tracks, the gents lead off with a discussion about the influence of classic late-night radio on modern Sasquatch podcasts, and why finding a balance between entertainment and the presentation of scientifically literate perspectives on the issue of relict hominoids is important to the citizen science effort. Then we are joined by our guest, Shelly Covington Montana, a Texas native whose work may be one of the best representations of citizen science being applied in this field.

Shelly grew up in a law enforcement family, and drew inspiration from the forensic science work that her father and others relied on for investigation. She combines the fundamentals of forensic science with extensive training in animal tracking to create a formidable tool kit for Sasquatch research. In addition to the work she has conducted over the years, Shelly discusses some breaking developments in the field, along with her own personal experiences, which she discusses with us in-depth on this edition of Sasquatch Tracks.

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2 Replies to “Shelly Covington Montana: Citizen Scientist | ST 010”

  1. This is probably the best one so far guys which is saying a lot because you have had some great ones already. Shannon’s description of her thought processes and the training she has undergone to better herself as a researcher were exactly the mind set this field needs. Thanks guys for all of your hard work!

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